About The Author

PlaidFamilyBooks.com is happy to introduce a new series of children’s books with farm and animal themes.  Written by Michelle Tomars and illustrated by her father, John Tomars, these books will delight the young reader with stories of life on Wisconsin farm.  The vivid images bring to life the stories of the farm animals.

About The Author - Michelle TomarsAbout the Author
Michelle Tomars is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Wisconsin most of her life.  In addition to working full time at Cumberland Federal bank, she dabbles in freelance writing and spends much of her free time working with horses, which gives her inspiration for some of her stories.  She currently resides in Amery, and The Runaway Horse is her first book.

About The Illustrator - John TomarsAbout the Illustrator
John Tomars currently resides in Clayton, Wisconsin, and has lived there for almost nine years.  He has been painting and drawing his whole life.  Watercolor (which he uses to illustrate the Plaid Family Adventures series) is his favorite medium.  When he isn’t painting, you can find him doing many of the chores Plaid Father does in the stories (feeding horses, fixing fences, and rescuing kittens).